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01:14, 13th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Tales from The Seven Cities

The village elder of Thistleby, an old man with graying hair, has a problem; several of the village residents have gone missing during past few days. Not one, not two, but nearly half a dozen residents at this point. Gone. Vanished to thin air. They'd all left to the fields in the morning normally, but hadn't returned in the evening. The families that had gone searching for them afterwards, reported that their tools, food and supplies were left behind, sometimes even clothes. No signs of struggle or fight.

What to do now? The old man ponders. He looks at the small figure sitting by his desk smoking a pipe and smiles. "I'm sorry, Felben. I'm a bit distracted. I don't know what to do."

"Well, you could talk to those strangers passing by. Perhaps they can help us." Felben, a gnome, says. "They are armed to the teeth. Thertina told me. Yes, for gold... for gold they'll help."

The old man stands up and opens a chest at the corner of the room. He stares at the many neat piles of coins; the New Port nupes and slightly heavier Glitterhaegen gold pieces, glits.

"Hmph. Gold - a solution to so many problems. And a cause of equally many." he says. "I used to be like them back in the days. Eager to carve my name in the history."

"Why not a solution to this as well? For this small community's sake, you must try to recruit them, Wheeler. We must find our people. Or at least what happened to them." The gnome says.