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Welcome to Curse of the Azure Bonds

08:08, 21st July 2024 (GMT+0)

Curse of the Azure Bonds

You wake to the sounds of two dogs barking.  Just another day, you think to yourself.  But is it.  Is it just another day?

Who are you? Who are you really? Do you think you are brave adventurers, seeking to make your name and fortune in a realm of wonder and danger. Tell me, my friends, how deep are you willing to go to uncover a truth that wishes to remain hidden from prying eyes.

This is a story of a group of friends. Friends who have been together since the dawn of their fledgling careers. Friends who believe that they are.....will be.....there for each other, through thick and thin. No matter what may happen.

We will test your belief. We will take you on a journey unlike any that you have been on before. We will take you to the darkest places at the edge of your consciousness that you fear to tread. We will put your loyalty and friendship to the test in ways that you cannot possibly imagine.

And remember......this is just the beginning.

You wake. As you wake, you are assailed with shadowy memories. Dancing shadows that flit and flicker at the corner of your consciousness. Every time you reach out with your mind's eye to try and pluck one of these memories, the ghostly image dissipates and fades, banished back to the great, ghostly ether from whence they came.

The disparate fragments that you can pick up are terrible though, and hint at truly horrible events. Swords encased by flames strike out at you. Shadowy figures dance in and out of your midst, slashing out at you with envenomed weapons.


The images of ebony skinned warriors, their eyes gleaming with sheer malevolence as they look to cut you down.

But, as you wake slowly with heavy-lidded eyes, and glance around to see your friends similarly wakening, you wonder how this could be? If drow had truly attacked and overcame you, then surely you would already be dead.

Wouldn't you?

The sound of two dogs barking distracts you from your musings. The sound echoes from down below. Looking around, your surroundings appear to be a clean, if slightly sparse room devoid of furnishings save for one freshly made bed in the corner, next to the window. Below, it is possible to see the evening hubbub of carriages and wagons passing by. Overhead, the sun is starting to descend, and the sky is bathed in a veritable cacophony of purple's, red's, orange's and yellow's. The sight is breathtaking, and any other time it would be something that you would go outside to sit and enjoy with a mug of ale by your side. Today though, there are other, more pressing concerns at hand.

On the floor, packed neatly are a number of backpacks, leaned against the wall. Perhaps they are your belongings?

It is at that point that you notice your arm. The entirety of each of your right arm's have been covered by an ornate, gleaming tattoo. This tattoo is marked with strange and arcane symbols.

What has happened? Who has done this? And to what end?

Most importantly of all, what do the markings signify?

An answer that, unbeknownst to you in your blissful ignorance, will tear your very world asunder.