• This game is under the Punk, Comedy & Drama genres.
  • The game system is Over The Edge.
  • This game contains mature content.
[Disco Elysium] Magnetic Readers on the World-Tape
The City of Revachol. Born of a Miracle, Built on Colonialism, Broken in Revolution, Still Here.

The former center or the world. The planet's largest tax shelter. A gossamer-thin web of government imposed from outside with an iron hand. "Revachol is a city of contrasts," say the foreign journalists.

West of the river, literacy is 45% which means everyone listens to the radio. From Channel 8's Guillaume Bevy walking the beat with law enforcement to imported rock music straight from the clubs of Mirova in Graad, the new Center of the World, you've got dozens of choices on the FM and AM bands.

If you're a lorry driver, an actual audio engineer or a criminal you can blow a lot of money and time getting into shortwave radio, the UW and UKV bands. But that's a full time job, and convincing those in the know to give you their frequency is its own side hustle.

If you don't have that kind of commitment, but if you spent the extra cash for a two-way radio, you can dial into the Milieus, low power self-hosted call-in stations and see what the amateurs have to say.

Most Milieus are basically audio chat rooms, party lines for obsessives and binoclards to argue about cryptids, radiocomputers and race theory. Others are run by more solitary obsessives, playing recordings of whatever the station owner wishes to anyone who will dial in. There are rumors of darker frequencies, where drug deals and worse are arranged. There are even a few milieus that are set up like real radio stations, broadcasting in the legal twilight where no licenses are required.

You will be playing the crew of one of these latter milieus, playing at journalism. Following up on tips, and hoping you could live off of tips. Maybe you're covering the crime that G-Bevy would never deign to investigate. maybe you're discussing politics, real politics that the Moralintern would never let on the airwaves. Maybe you're playing the songs that the commercial stations decline for reasons of public decency or bourgeois taste. Maybe you're just into covering Rugby and other, lesser sports from a sarcastic, anti-establisment perspective. Either way, you're getting your voices heard.

Welcome to Revachol.

Revachol Forever.

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