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Welcome to Federal Bureau of Anomaly Containment

03:35, 22nd May 2024 (GMT+0)

Federal Bureau of Anomaly Containment

Welcome to the Federal Bureau of Anomaly Containment. You were selected by various headhunting front agencies for your unique set of skills to help us protect our reality from threats, real and what would be considered unreal. You have already encountered us in some form or another and we would not have already tracked you down if our records didn't show that you already know about these phenomena. Normally, our central Pillar of Obfuscation would require us to remove these memories from your mind. However, talent like you is rare indeed. Instead of that, take this job offer as seriously as we do and understand that you will need to live up to our three Core Pillars for all our Missions.




Accept this offer, and we guarantee you will be thrust into dangerous situations, as the things you will see and learn, some of which you might already know about, will show you just how fragile our reality is. We need new personnel willing to take the risk and jump into this ongoing war to maintain our nation's sanity and to keep all people in our care safe.

Reject this offer and nothing changes for you. You will wake up and we will be but a figment of your imagination, quickly forgotten before you even finish your morning routine.

So, what will it be. Truth and Danger, or another Lie told to you.