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Godbound: Birth of the Divine
In this campaign, the Godbound are the vessels of a mysterious entity known as Lux the Radiant. He is one of the Primal Creators; grand cosmic beings who discover new worlds and encourage their growth with their divine powers. The Godbound are extensions of a Creator's self as they are often too powerful to operate within the mortal realms themselves. The counterparts to the Primal Creators are the Lurking Destroyers; interstellar horrors obsessed with entropy and spreading desolation wherever they go. The Primal Creators and their Godbound actively work to fight off these threats wherever they may be.

Lux's latest finding is a watery planet he named Aquus that contains a single massive island continent called the Birthland. This island has flora, fauna, and mortals of many races who are descendants from former fallen empires. The latest empire succumbed to the threat of the Lurking Destroyer Ariset, one of Lux's oldest and most dangerous enemies. Though the Ilerrean Empire was highly advanced with both magical prowess and impressive technologies, they were no match for the Destroyer's ancient hunger. But a collective of primal and powerful forces prevent his complete takeover. The mortals in their clans argue and fight with each other, monsters roam the lands, and dangers lurk in every corner. It is up to the Godbound of Lux to become divine and defeat Ariset and the evils of the Birthland, unite the land and develop their cults.

I am recruiting four players with some experience in Godbound preferred. It is not first come first serve and I am looking for collaborative and clever gamers and writers willing to develop a rich and entertaining story. Combat is likely, but so are other political and societal conflicts.