• This game is under the Fantasy, Survival & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Free-form.
Warriors: The Mountain Territories
Welcome to the Jagged Mountains!
I'm Rosefluff, medicine cat of PineClan. These territories aren't as big as you think! It only stretches between Tooth Mountain and Claw Mountain. See these giant oak trees? They're more than a hundred years old! That creek running along there isn't dangerous, the kits go out to play in it when they're guarded by at least one warrior. It's so shallow that your paw won't even be fully submerged. The creek does get dangerous in New-Leaf when the snow's melting though, so watch out then! Sorry... I'm just rambling now.
Let's cut to the chase, shall we?
This is PineClan camp. Come down the tunnel into the cave! Be careful... It's dark at first. Don't trip. Do you see that light down there? Just continue to walk towards it and... Ta daaa! We're here! See the crack in the ceiling that the sun is shining through? It illuminates the whole cave. The big rock in the middle is called the meeting rock, it's where the leader calls clan meetings. Right underneath that is the fresh-kill pile, full of food for our clan. That little carving into the side of the cave with vines is the leader's den. It's kind of small. The bush right next to that is the nursery, where the kits play. The elder's den is right above the entrance. It's that precariously hanging log. The warrior's den is right next to that mini waterfall to the right. The bush covers the entrance, and the apprentices den is also covered by that bush to the right. And last, but not least, the medicine cat den! Just trot down into this mini cave. You can see the herbs and the nests where the sick cats lay. I think a cat's coming down here. *insert leader name* is going to be really mad that I let a loner in... Quickly! Run out of the camp!
(add your character to a different clan and describe the camp, I'll copy and paste it onto here)