• This game has been marked for deletion.
Bound By Blood
You always knew you were special. Family legends spoke of a great and powerful ancestry, something mysterious, magical, perhaps even monstrous, but they were simply proud stories until you exhibited over signs of your bloodline’s latent eldritch heritage.

However, you never thought your talents would amount to more than a curiosity in the life set before, whether you were the child of peasant or nobility, craftsman or merchant, adventurer or scholar. You certainly never imagined it would be becoming the prisoner of the notorious vampire epicure, Duke Auslese. The Duke’s developed a taste for exotic blood, and he’s been amassing a veritable smorgasbord of those like yourself to sate his unorthodox thirst.

You have been kidnapped and taken far from your home to the daunting Castle Syrinx, stripped naked save for a collar and cuff marking your status as a living wine cask, and given enough illusion of freedom and luxury to tempt you into remaining complacent with your situation. But the Duke has underestimated your resolve and lust for freedom.

Armed with only your wit, your will, and the magic in your blood, you must find a way to escape the vampire’s clutches before he tires of your “vintage” and lets his bloodthirsty comrades drink you try.

I’m looking for a small group of players to dive into the above scenario and buckle in for a journey full sedition, sex, and sorcery.
I am looking for characters matching the following:
Female and human (well, not entirely human, of course)
Sorcerers of varying bloodlines (Level 1)
Open to sexual encounters with hot people of any gender.
Chill with your character being buck ass naked at the start and staying that way for awhile. Consider it a personal indulgence. >.<