• This game is under the Supernatural, Comedy & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is GURPS.
Statues against the Dark
"A place where every bit of everyplace comes together", that's the message displayed at the front of the gates of Merryland,a place once know for being a center of mirth and joy among all men, but due to unfortunate events it's days of glory are now a thing of the past. Abandoned and forgotten, the place still lives by the might of an unknown force, the inanimate inhabitants who resides in each world comes to life at the fall of the sun, living their own imaginative life as if nothing has changed. However, a threat arises,when Mephisto, the dark lord of the Horror Land has managed to steal a powerful artifact from The Castle, the wise living building which none can enter. The Castle send an emissary to each of the remaining lands to choose a champion worth of taking the quest to recover the artifact before drastic consequences could fall under Merryland.