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Welcome to The Facility

17:35, 23rd April 2024 (GMT+0)

The Facility

"The Facility" is a research complex located deep within the Andes Mountain Range within the national borders of Argentina. The complex is ostensibly owned and operated by Gencorp, a tech and pharmaceutical conglomerate owned by the recluse and eccentric multi billionaire Andres Cortano.

According to reports Gencorp tests both new technology and biological pharmaceuticals at this facility, but unsubstantiated claims exist of strange events, disappearances, and anomalies connected with the site. These reports claim all manner of atrocities from human experimentation to demonic rituals and everything in between.

To allay fears Argentine president Emanuel Barranquilla even publicly visited the site in late 2020 when Cortano personally invited him to tour the facility. Upon his return Barranquilla gave glowing reviews of the research complex as well as it's security, saying "The Gencorp Research Complex 31 is the most technically advanced I have ever seen! Not even the Americans have anything to compare with it's level of sophistication and security. The discoveries in the fields of science, medicine and technology that will assuredly arise from the work being performed there will propel the world into the future and net the Argentine nation billions in future revenue!"

Something has happened at the facility however. As of 72 hours ago there has been no contact with the facility or anyone inside. Due to the remoteness of the complex, frequently adverse weather conditions, and the facility only being accessable by helicopter, communication is frequently hindered and thus a 72 hour buffer period is in place.

Since the 72 hour communications buffer has been exceeded, an emergency response team has been alerted and dispatched to the site. Their orders: Assess the situation, secure sensitive materials, locate and extract essential personnel, secure the facility, report all findings to superiors, and wait for reinforcements if needed.

You are the best of the best. Hand selected and recruited by Gencorp from around the world. Some from special operations units and others from other corporations and universities. It is your assignment to enter the facility. Good luck and godspeed.