• This game is under the Fantasy, Medieval & Intrigue genres.
  • The game system is Dungeons and dragons 5e.
Teranoc: The Lion's Court
Old age is creeping up on Aedom Sacralancia II, sovereign ruler of Leonis, legitimate heir to the upstart northern province of Mantiqua, protector of the realm. He has no sons, while his daughters by Leonis law cannot inherit the throne. He does have several brothers and sisters who act as his nobles and who eye the throne for themselves or their children, a lower noble class eager to divide his nation among themselves, a druidic cult who want to return the land to the wild and a people who need repressing lest they revolt. Dragons to the west, barbarians to the north, a pontifex demanding a crusade against the heretic magocracy of neighboring Cobria, a king's worries are never ending.
“Tu’phiq poisin ta’matra, mas tu’nephiq serija mes’royo”, literally translated: you can poison your mother but you’ll never be king, in common parlay it means: You won’t reach your goal by being brutally ruthless.

You are associated with the court of king Aedom Sacralancia II, whether as a relative, a noble, a knight, a guest, a servant, a spy.