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Welcome to Black Fang

18:47, 14th June 2024 (GMT+0)

Black Fang

Greetings and welcome to my first ever attempt at running a game on rpol. Also, greetings and welcome to my first ever attempt at running a Pathfinder game. ;) I picked up a Humble Bundle of books for Pathfinder first edition a long while ago and just never did anything with them. Thought now might be a good time. SO ideally...

I'd like to find players that perhaps have never played Pathfinder and would like to learn. Perhaps they have never played a ttrpg on rpol? Perhaps they have maybe never even played a ttrpg! This is going to be a learning experience for me so I am more than willing, even excited, to help some new players learn the art and joy that is role playing. If you are an experienced player, while I won't necessarily say no if you'd like to join, I encourage you instead to share my game with a friend who keeps giving you the excuse of, "It's all very overwhelming and I just wouldn't know where to start." THIS is intended to be a good place to start.

I plan on running the sample dungeon that come's with the Pathfinder Beginner Box set. It is as plain jane as it comes with each room (*spoilers?*) teaching both players and GM (hey, that's ME!) the basics of how to play the game. To make it even easier to get new players started we won't even be creating characters (though that is a BIG part of the fun once you get the hang of things) players will be able to chose among 4 pre-made characters supplied with the Beginner Box set (so I'm looking for 4 players :P). One fighter, one cleric, one rogue, and one wizard. On top of that, while I've been around the internet for a while now (I'm old), this will be my first experience with rpol so if the players are new we can all discover and experience the joy of this site together.

As for "the rules"...

This will be a casual game. I'd like players to post turns by Thursday and Sunday nights...ideally. Once we get going if everyone would like to pick up the pace, maybe we will. If everyone wants to slow things down, I don't mind that either. I'm just here to share a story experience and yell at some or slow I can still accomplish that goal :P

While I am fine learning the rpol website along with my players I'm not interested in teaching basic computing skills. If you understand phrases like "forum", "reply with quote", and "private message" you are probably fine.

As for the actual Pathfinder rules...SO, the whole point of this game is for myself to learn how to run a game and for the players to learn how to play a game. The ruleset in the Beginner Box is a simplified version of the Pathfinder first edition rules so this will be a fairly simple game. That being said, we ARE trying to learn the rules so I am going to...while allowing any story we create together to blossom and grow...stick to the rules as much as possible. I'm not going to go Matt Mercer level of sticking to the rules (love ya fellow Critters!) but the best way to learn IS to do so... #WeFollowTheBook ;)

Which brings us to an interesting you as a player need any books? ...yeesss?? I mean for this exact adventure that I am, not really. I plan on running the game with plenty of descriptors explaining what the player needs to do along with why they are doing it. That being said, books would help. Get'em if you can. :D