• This game is under the Superhuman, Contemporary & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Free-form.
  • This game contains mature content.
Elswin School for the Exceptional
He appears to you, a Ghost walking through the wall of your Bedroom, a smiling face in a crowded place, a lone figure out for a late walk like you. Every meeting is different, but what happens is always the same; He introduces himself as Omni, a young man currently in charge of Elswin School for the Exceptional. You have been invited, a safe place away from prying eyes where you can practice your Abilities.

  Omni offers you one of two options- Leave right now, or set up a time and place to depart to the School. Whenever you decide, a 3rd person will appear, and take you to the sunny courtyard of Elswin!
The game is focused around the players navigating their studies both in general education as well as focused education about their different Abilities, as well as normal societal expectations of college life. There is the constant threat of SASPAR potentially sending agents or attacking the school, but right now, you should be worrying about tomorrow's quiz and what to wear to the party tonight!