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Welcome to The War Drums Calling

07:17, 20th July 2024 (GMT+0)

The War Drums Calling

You are on the Isle of Tarrak

A small island with a big story. You see, this place has no history of its own, all the history is made and created by the actions and marks of the players before you.

Whether you delve into the Corrupted Blackwood, to survey its treacherous gulches and festering mires with thick fog, broken only by the dark silouhettes of the Blackorc Stalkers emerging for the kill,

Or you prefer to sandbox in the city of Mist, besought by a strange fog which calls enemies forward until dayrise.

There is a little something for every player on this strange, ever-changing Isle of Tarrak.

Note: In this game, tactical encounters are presented often, and strange and spontaneous solutions are many times required to overcome adversity.

Prices are homebrewed and adjusted for a more desperate, hand to mouth feel.

Come prepared but most importantly, have fun!