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Shadows over Port Azure (DnD 5e)
Port Azure, free city, learned centre of commerce and trade. The name conjures a lot of different images in most people of the known world. Images of merchant ships bearing glorious wonders and goods from across the world, of brave explorers, thinkers and rugged sailors, of strange exotic white buildings built with the immense wealth of the merchants. Those who have been there or call it home however know that this is merely just a facade, the gilt veneer that hides a more complicated truth.

Situated on the island of Halra off the coast of the Zaharian Empire, Port Azure is an independent city, its freedom bought from the Emperors by the shrewd manueverings of the Merchant Prince, and the guild council who now rule it, and maintained by political treaties, trade alliances, gold and more than a little spilt blood.

This where our story unfolds, from the poor cavern like streets of the Warrens to the gilded halls of the guild manses. Welcome to Port Azure.