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18:12, 18th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Price of Eternity

Intro Song:

At first, there is only the watching darkness. Then a pleading face appears as pale as the winter moons with locks of raven-colored hair reaching desperately towards you, but the face continues to fall away into the emptiness. Little drops of water slowly drift through the ice-cold wind away from those heartbroken blue eyes. Whoever this woman was, one thing is certain. You can feel a profound sadness deeper than anything you've ever felt before shattering any lump of a heart you had left. As she floats away from you in this damnable hell of a memory you feel all reason and goodness flee from your soul, if you could still say you had one. All the future plans you made and every heart beat that would have taken you there disappear with her body as she plummets to her demise. There's nothing more you can do but watch as the velocity of her form is suddenly halted against the cold stone below, and with that violent stillness you wake up in a cold sweat worlds and lives away from that moment... wondering...