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Welcome to The Wyrd of Brianna McKenzie [Adult and Private]

18:00, 20th July 2024 (GMT+0)


20 yr old sister to Jarl Asgard.  Her hair so blonde that sometimes it appears white

Some think her born insane under the dark of the moon.  She had a veil over her face that had to be removed so she could even breath.  Growing up she showed she had the gift or was it a curse.  The old women knew her blessed not curesed as she learned from them how to fortell the future, read the runes and the tides.  At her young age she saw so much more and yet when she spoke of her seeings she was laughed at.  At 12 yrs old she became a shield maiden and fought alongside her older brother Asgard.  It was thus she became a powerful warrioress and yet read the signs like no other before her.

Many a lad wanted to bed her but she stayed true to herself for someone worth her giving her soul to.  Her father and Asgard knew this and protected her from any takers.  Yet the last one was a strong Jarl and their was a bitter vile war fought over her virginity.  Asgard alain many as did Einaar who died later of his wounds.

Due to the circumstances Asgard decided to take his Clan that was left and they set sail into the mists of the Poison Sea to seek their lives in the new land. Perhaps they would find a peace there and live as farmers and traders but still they were conquerors and they would do what it takes to grasp a strong hold on the new land and its people if they had to.  They were born to fight for the right of freedom!