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Welcome to The Wyrd of Brianna McKenzie [Adult and Private]

17:54, 20th July 2024 (GMT+0)

The Wyrd of Brianna McKenzie [Adult and Private]

Brianna had fled back to her home when the devil's deed was done at the Gathering at Dunnattor Castle.  Her father and her brother were murdered by the Campbells and why, because Alpine decided Brianna must wed the Campbell Chieftain!  Her cousin and what clan were with her at the gathering left as she would not give up what her father and brother died for.  She knew she was nothing but a trophy bride for Gregor Campbell.

What had happened previously ~~~

They were in the main Great Hall with all the other Clan Chiefs and their families.  Fealty to the McAlpine was to be trothed and clan matters settled.  Long before all of this the Campbell had been warring against the Mackenzie because they wanted their lands and the sea village of Cruden Bay.  It was a major shipping point and even the Vikings came there and treated the people fairly and did trade with them.  It was on one of the earlier visits that Brianna's mother, a fair skinned, blonde haired viking fell in love with the Chieftain of Clan Mackenzie, a dashing young warrior, Seamus Mackenzie.  This was her parents who were madly in love with each other.  They were blessed with the birth of two children, Hamish Mackenzie was first born and a fine son.   Brianna Mackenzie was born just one year later and they were a happy family.  But there was always strife and war and Sigrid fought beside her husband and son and all three made sure that Brianna knew well how to fight with sword and shield.

Jamie Fraser was a cousin, her father's sister's son, who was born the same year as Brianna.  The three children grew up close as if all were siblings.  Jamie was at the Gathering with the Clan.  He was the protective way that Brianna had escaped back to Slain Castle and the lands of the Mackenzie.

When Seamus Mackenzie was called up to the front thrones of King Kenneth I McAlpine along with Cormac Campbell and his son Gregor who was 5 years Brianna's Elder.  He had had two other wives both dying tragic deaths and no heirs for the Campbells.  It was the McAlpine's wish for Brianna to be the third.  Her father and brother protested and and a battle ensued right then and there.  Brianna rushed to her father's side only in time to see Cormac drive his dagger into Seamus Mackenzie's heart.  Her brother then turned on Gregor only to feel the blade of Cormac drive into his back and into his heart.  So before her eyes she saw both her father and her brother murdered over saving her.  Her mother had died only but a year ago of an illness.  Jamie rushed up and grabbed Brianna and they were surrounded by Clan Mackenzie, Brianna shouted bitterly to the Campbell and the McAlpine "I will reek my revenge on you, I will mourn my dead then watch for me in the shadows for I will find you Cormac and Gregor Campbell.  This is far from over!" and then she was spirited away by her clan and they rode day and night and day to reach ... 'home'. Jamie killed Cormac.   Gregor Campbell started after her to bring her back when the McAlpine ordered them not to.  "Give the lass her time to mourn, one year, then you shall approach her as an equal to discuss this union I have already sanctioned."

Now Sigrid had raised her daughter in the ways of the Norse gods and the Celtic gods.  She told her many times, as if she knew what was going to transpire, to seek her saviour from the North.  ~ You will know him not but learn to love him.  They will come from the North my little bird, HE will come from the North.~

Brianna walks the cliffs every morning like a lost soul.  Praying to the Norse Gods and Celtic Gods both.  Each passing day is a day closer to her and her Clan’s demise.  She continues to be taught by her Cousin, Jamie Fraser, to fight and is better than most men.  Some of her Clan think her mad as a March hare for these morning walks.  But she doesn’t care.  Then the Vikings arrive at the small village, Cruden Bay, on the shores of North Sea.  The castle is up the hill on the cliffs…

I will play Brianna McKenzie, Sienna McKenzie the Seer, Jamie Fraser Callisto the Seer and Rowan Campbell the Seer to begin with.  So yes, light Celtic magic.

Rowan is the wicked step sister of Gregor. Gregor had her bedded in front of him by one of his guards.  He has had her tortured for his enjoyment and keeps her to wed her to one of his choosing.  The evil viking Jarl Sven Forkbeard II.  Another villain.

Our Viking hero’s name was Asgard who in a fair fight in Finland killed Sven’s Father and he has followed Asgard to hunt him down to destroy him.

Callisto is Asgard’s gifted sister that many think she’s crazy too!