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Welcome to [TORG Eternity] Relics of Power [Hiatus]

01:57, 22nd May 2024 (GMT+0)

[TORG Eternity] Relics of Power [Hiatus]

They came from other cosms —other realities— conquerors joined together to steal the Earth’s living energy…to consume its possibilities. The Reality Raiders brought with them their own realities, turning portions of our planet into someplace else.

Led by a mysterious and ancient individual known only as the Gaunt Man, the High Lords each claimed a piece of Earth for themselves. Each established his or her primitive, pulp, dark fantasy, cyberpapacy, high tech, or horror realm on our world, setting the conquest in motion.

In some realities, the raiders encountered stiff resistance from the residents of Earth and those defenders full of Possibility Energy, the “Storm Knights.“ They rose up against the Gaunt Man and his allies, battling back with the full fury of their will and eventually overthrowing the invaders.

But this is not one of those realities. In this reality, in this time, the High Lords are winning.

The invasion was 7 months ago. Since then, some of the most notable events are the assassination of Kranod a month ago in Tharkold, the expansion of Cyberpapacy into Brazil, the expansion of Doctor Mobius’ Nile in the Middle East, the collapse of the (former) national government of India, and more and more rumors and ‘evidence’ that Ryuchi Kanawa was responsible for the initial outbreak of the Contagion. While the Delphi Council, with the help of Hero Division operatives such as yourselves, have kept the overall result of the war a stalemate, you’ve been whisked to Ottawa Ontario because of a potential lead that could turn the tide...

This Torg:Eternity Campaign will begin with the characters as somewhat experienced operatives and send them on an adventure which could help turn the tide of the Possibility War. Are you up for the Challenge?