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03:49, 22nd February 2024 (GMT+0)

Abomination Vaults

21 Arodus, 4722 Absalom Reckoning.

The provincial logging town of Otari is the legacy of adventure.  Founded by a Pathfinder Lodge known as the Roseguard at the site of their greatest triumph, and named for a fallen companion.  In that time it was a popular town for retired adventurers from nearby Absalom.

In the five hundred years since it has been abandoned and reinhabited numerous times, and is now a rising star in the lumber trade.  All the while the nearby ruin explored by the Roseguard, the sinister Gauntlight, has sat quietly crumbling into the swamp.

That is, unless an old friend is right in her suspicions.

"The old lighthouse is glowing.  Never seen anything like it.  Nobody else can see, but I can." explains the letter from Wrin Sivixni.

"Please come to Otari.  I need to know if I am imagining this or if something is happening in the keep."

It's only a week from Absalom.  With little other work for you, you decide to come to the aid of an old friend.

Otari and the Ruins of Gauntlight await!

The Abomination Vaults is a level 1-10 Adventure Path for Pathfinder 2e with a focus on dungeon crawling and a classic premise.

Explore, combat evil creatures, develop your relationship with Otari and it's inhabitants, and learn what secret the Roseguard themselves failed to unearth!