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Welcome to Land of Aereos

05:21, 22nd February 2024 (GMT+0)

Land of Aereos

An anime-inspired sci-fi fantasy adventure. This game/roleplay will feature dice-rolling, fantastical magic, and advanced technology. It is an adventure in which you play a demon hunting mercenary in the future. Use your combination of tools and magic to take down your foes, protect your friends, and get rich (or revenge).

Demons have plagued this world for centuries and you are here to either put a stop to it or profit from it. Whatever your reasons, welcome to Aereos.

The idea of this world is to facilitate pretty much any character one can think of within its lore.

The system this game uses is Mutants & Masterminds: Third Edition. Although, this game is primarily designed for superheroes this is not a superhero story. I am using the games vast flexibility to accomodate the world I have created. Also, if you are interested, but just don't know how the game works do not worry I can help. You don't need to know the game system to play.
Just let me know and hope to play with you soon.