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Welcome to Lustmord -- Call of Cthulhu in 1928 Berlin: The Wicked City

13:16, 19th June 2024 (GMT+0)

Marzie Hoeller

Marzie is tall and thin and can sometimes be seen dressed as a man.  She has an androgynous style although she is sometimes mistaken for a boot girl but without the boots.  She wears a blue men's trenchcoat, long enough to cover her dress if she is wearing one. Beneath the coat, one can see either stockinged calves and heels or men's trousers and black brogues.  Her face is not pretty apart from her big blue eyes under black hair.  She walks with a cane.

Marzie comes from Stettin, she is maybe 23 years old, meaning she was born in the twentieth century. She works as a singer and actress and she's trying to learn English so she can get to Hollywood.  She smokes Eckstein number five but is not much of a drinker or a drug user.

^That's her stage gear, but her street gear is more like...

Sorry for the Deuglisch