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Welcome to Lustmord -- Call of Cthulhu in 1928 Berlin: The Wicked City

19:20, 21st May 2024 (GMT+0)

Reinhard Eisenhardt

Reinhard is thirty three years old though he looks more weary than his years. He's from Prussian stock, though his paternal grandfather was a Dane who felt the need to leave home and create a new identity as a German.

Six foot tall, with broad shoulders, he has a lean, rangy build. Violence has been his vocation ever since his youth, leaving him with an interesting collection of scars. He's missing the top third of his left ring finger and has a notch in the lobe of his right ear. The left side of his face is marred with a sweep of scar tissue, where a hunk of shrapnel broke his jaw and slashed at his face. Though healed, his already deep, husky voice has been turned into a rasping growl, roughened by his heavy smoking.

He's survived more than a few wounds that should have ended him. Though he's some arthritis from healed wounds, he's always careful not to let on even when he is in discomfort.

The pale blond hair which he's always had can sometimes lead to him being mistaken for an older man, as does his tanned and coarsened complexion.