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Welcome to Lustmord -- Call of Cthulhu in 1928 Berlin: The Wicked City

18:53, 21st May 2024 (GMT+0)

Erna Luise Klug

Erna is 24. She's 5'2", with a lithe - even skinny - dancer's figure. Her hair is dyed a glossy jet-black and worn in a severe, stylish bob. Her make-up emphasises her alert green eyes. She has a passing resemblance to the actress Louise Brooks, though without the acting ability. Her voice has a slight Thuringian accent.

It's no secret that she performs in cabaret, usually as a dancer but occasionally filling in as an extra in another skit; of course, recognising her for this means admitting to visiting the cabaret :)

In contrast to her stage costumes (typically daring enough to cause heart attacks), her everyday clothes are mundane, chosen for cheapness and practicality as much as style, with the occasional item 'borrowed' from one of her stage costumes.

Her typical outfit is a knee-length accordion-pleated skirt and a pullover cinched with a broad belt, with the usual gloves, stockings, sensible shoes, handbag, and a hat. In cold or wet weather, she adds a raincoat.

She owns an evening gown, a daring one since it's one of the items 'liberated' from one of her earlier performances.