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Welcome to Lustmord -- Call of Cthulhu in 1928 Berlin: The Wicked City

20:32, 21st May 2024 (GMT+0)

Conrad Becker

Conrad Becker is a man in his early 30s, average in appearance, height, and build. He is trim but has a noticeable limp though he does his best to minimize it.

Clearly of good quality, although his clothes are clean and presentable and bespeak a professional man, they are a bit worn. His person is as respectable as his clothes. He is clean shaven and his hair is cut (if not this week) in a Herrenschnitt, a gentleman's cut.

His voice is, perhaps a bit loud in an attempt to come across as confident and there is something just a bit remote in his smile and his manner.

He does not smoke often enough to be entirely comfortable with the process on the rare occasions when he does indulge. He never drinks to excess.