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Welcome to Lustmord -- Call of Cthulhu in 1928 Berlin: The Wicked City

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Clearly out of his teens his eyes hinted at some sort of haunting, but they were still young letting many guess that he hadn't quite reached his 30's yet.  His blond hair was usually slicked back, and his blue eyes were an oddity back home, not that he mentions where that is ever.  Whatever his background it's clear he was fed well making him tall and svelte with a pale complexion, but his clothing is far more commonplace and worn telling the tale that if he had a wealthy upbringing it had left him some time ago...or was exhausted in his education as he was quite the linguist.  That said it did not afford him a rich life as he merely substituted for orderlies and nurses at a number of the local sanitariums and hospitals which paid a miserly rate even though it was for a good cause.

His long coat looked to be a holdover from the WWI trenches as it was worn and covered in neatly sewn patches.  Woolen pants, dark brown in color, matched with leather boots that had well-worn soles.  Suspenders held them up over a straight collar khaki colored shirt and simple black and maroon patterned tie.  A similarly threadbare dark brown jacket was worn if it was colder out, and the long coat was not enough.