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Welcome to Lustmord -- Call of Cthulhu in 1928 Berlin: The Wicked City

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Knud Neergaard

Knud Neergaard is quite tall, somewhat stooped, and always carries a walking stick (with a concealed blade). His skin is quite pale, his face is seamed with a network of fine lines and his once-blond hair is now snowy white and baby-fine. He has a polite manner and speaks quietly. He has a somewhat distracted air, as though always listening to distant thunder that only he can hear.

Danish by birth, he has resided in Berlin since before the War. He is wealthy and educated. Before coming to Berlin, he spent many years in the Dutch East Indies and other Eastern locales.

Sometimes called Herr Professor, sometimes called Herr Doktor, though he makes no claim to either title, he has a reputation as a master of occult studies. Some gossip suggests he is a practitioner of strange or dark arts, though he disclaims any such proficiency.

He is a founding member of Studenten der Silberne Ankh (Students of the Silver Ankh), a Berlin-based multi-disciplinary society devoted to research into various systems of obscure knowledge. He is also editor of the group's quarterly magazine Silberne Ankh-Zeitschrift (Silver Ankh Digest).