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Welcome to DnD 5e: The Dungeon Runners

06:50, 20th July 2024 (GMT+0)

DnD 5e: The Dungeon Runners

War breeds death, suffering, and destruction. After decades of continuous war, everyone was finally at peace. Legions of former soldiers, mercenaries, and looters plagued the land, though, always searching for fame, fortune, and glory. Even at the expense of others. Then came a simple Gnome named Vincent Mahon. Vincent had an idea of what to do with all the wandering warriors. Vincent came up with the idea of having adventurers run through challenges that simulated the experiences warriors told of through songs and poems. These challenges would be repackaged as a form of sports entertainment for the masses. Vincent and his team of dungeon designers would create the challenges. The adventurers and soldiers, later to be called Dungeon Runners, would be awarded money and goods for their successful runs. The idea took off immediately. Fans from around the world tune in every night to watch their favorite teams dodge swords and spells alike in their pursuit of glory. Thus, Dungeon Running was born.

The action is recorded in arenas around the kingdoms by imps broadcasting their feeds to wizards. The wizards then channel the feeds through powerful magic amplifiers, and into the crystal balls in everyone's homes. Families sit down every night around their crystal balls to watch the mayhem unfold. Companies fight tooth and nail to have a chance at sponsoring the Major League Runs (MLR); the highest tier of Dungeon Running.

It's been 20 years since Dungeon Running started. You have just been promoted from the Less-Lethal Runner's League (LLRL, the minor leagues of Dungeon Running) to the MLR. With a little luck, and a lot of skill, fans from around the world will be chanting your name. You just have to survive, first. Will you end your career as just another unsuccessful Runner who couldn't make it? Or enter the esteemed ranks of the Dungeon Runner hall of fame?

Dungeon Runners is what happens when your GM has been watching too many re-runs of American Gladiators, Takeshi's Castle, and 1980s WWF. It's an arena game lighter in tone than most; where hamming it up to the crowd is encouraged, and legions of adoring fans are just waiting for the next hero (or villain!) to root for.