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18:44, 14th June 2024 (GMT+0)

Robber's Dungeon

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The beginning

You are a ne'er-do-well, poor and downtrodden, caught in some act against the law, in the oppressive kingdom of Radlesard, fair or unfair, it doesn't change your fate.  Stripped of all your possessions besides some itchy rough burlap excuse for pants and a shirt tied with a short length of rope.  A short trial later you're sentenced to the well. You're taken to a large well with gigantic stones laid around the perimeter.  A short and fat man with a long grey scraggly beard sticking out from beneath the pointed hood of his black robe smelling of unpleasant herbs with red trim opens a book and chants in some language you've never heard.  You're tossed down a well while onlookers and soldiers jeer at you.

You land in water deep enough to prevent any serious damage, but shallow enough not to cause much danger of drowning.  as your eyes adjust to the light coming from the hole above, you're in a huge domed circular chamber with granite block steps leading up to a ledge the whole way around the pool you're in.   A huge oaken door 8 foot wide and 8 foot tall with a handle big enough for a giant is barely seen to one side, while opposite is a gaping passageway 10 foot wide arching to a point at it's ceiling 15 feet tall, you can't see far into it.

You're not dead!  Your first thought is escape.

     --- 2 ---

About the Game

Robber's dungeon is very deadly, and not for the feint of heart, in our first week we've had 4 deaths.  While it's mostly procedural, I'm still running it as an RPG so doing the unexpected, or at least more than 'attack, parley, bribe, sneak, or run' can get you advantages where otherwise a standard approch would be deadly in a computer game.

While this a dungeon crawl, unlike a normal dungeon which can be mapped, Robber's dungeon is a constantly changing maze of rooms and passages littered with traps, treasures, and monsters.  A quantum dungeon if you will.  As you progress only how far from the level entrance and what level you are on is recorded.  The further from the level entrance the more likely it is that you get lost on trying to return, you must then wander until you find a stair or exit to the level above or below.

To speed things along you may make standard operating procedures, or directions such as "investigate all glints of light." or "try to sneak past all monsters & steal their treasure if they have any"

Each person's first character is a Robber thrown into the dungeon alone, who if they survive to find a way out starts a band of robbers. While your first character starts alone, you may run into other players and join with them, and once you start your band may create a second character to join a party or solo if your first is with a band.

You may fight other players, but both players need to previously announce they're willing to do so (PVP tag opt in) preferably at character creation.

The default of posting is for open threads, if you wish yours to be private, let me know and I'll make it so.

I do include some sci-fi and horror elements in situations and descriptions (as does OD&D) while not the entire focus and not tagged, be warned, if you don't want to encounter these don't join.  Due to the violent and sometimes disturbing descriptions I've marked the game mature.  You will have characters die, if this is a sticking point, don't join.

Posts are at least once every weekday as time allows, but often have time for many more, if you don't post or pm in 36 hours without advanced notice of a break, not including weekends and holidays I'll assume you've dropped and NPC your character until they can get back to the surface.  I will to keep up on weekends and holidays if time allows (so far so good.)

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Robber's Dungeon is based off of Dungeon Robber and Original Dungeons and Dragons from 1974.

Dungeon Robber is an old flash game that's based off of OD&D as well.
The Ruffle Port is really buggy though, so if you want to play it without those bugs I'd recommend Flashpoint 11 Infinity instead.
The PDF rules for Dungeon Robber are here:

I'm not using either in it's entirety and will be choosing which rules from each to use, and modifying them. I am using mostly Dungeon Robber rules from the flash game to begin with, but expanding with monsters, classes and magic from OD&D and some early AD&D as well as those of my own design.

     --- 4 ---

Starting Character/RTJ

All you need is a name for your character to RTJ, there's no need for a long backstory or even a backstory at all as your character will probably die.

Your first character is a Robber, thrown into the dungeon with nothing but burlap clothes and a 4' length of  you will start with 10 HP, roll one high ability score, then choose one:

High Score roll d6 & choose one more.
1:  High Str  +1 melee to hit and damage, and opening doors.
2:  High Int  +1 vs. getting lost, use Magic-User scrolls.
3:  High Wis  +1 on Saving Throws, can Turn Undead with a holy symbol.
4:  High Dex  +1 ranged to hit, AC, Sneak.
5:  High Con  +1 HP each level.
6:  High Cha  +1 Parley & Bribe, +1 Henchman max.