• This game is under the Fantasy, Intrigue & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is Amber Diceless Roleplaying - Phage Press.
Morgenstern, I've a feeling we're not in Amber anymore

The great Pattern of Amber was repaired by Oberon and the battle at the end of the world was fought and Chaos withdrew to Ambers armies. Yet at great cost four of the avatars of order fell the traitor Brand, the eternal King Oberon, the usurper yet hero Eric and the beloved by many warrior Princess Dierdre.

A new king was chosen by the Unicorn; and King Random the first now sits upon Amber's throne. Yet shadow is still unsettled by the events of that war, and the children born out of those events have made their presence known. Prince Caine the arguable hero at the edge of the Abyss who sent Brand into those depths, his throat stilled by an arrow to prevent any blood curse. Found that curses of the blood come in many forms. Rinaldo, Brands son reportedly killed the eternal admiral and made marked attempts on the lives of others before some kind of accord was made.

Dalt; was the result of a violent punishment to a heretic witch of a mother and thought dead or perhaps lost to shadow. He has returned with a vengeance and equal shares of his father Oberon's power. No accord has been made with The Lion of Shadow or his less romantic title The Render of the Unicorn.

Merlin, Corwin's son has been active out in shadow as well. Rumors of him dealing with assassination attempts on his life, as well as the crazy associations of his more Courts of Chaos relatives makes him a rare sight in Amber. Though it has been whispered, this may be a good thing. He angered the King with some idea that must have come from Berkeley, and at another time brought in a demon to the palace and finally something he did caused an explosion in the castle that gravely injured one of Kashfa's royals.

Out in shadow the shadow storms still rumble from time to time. Some believe the presence of Corwin's Pattern is responsible, while others think these are like aftershocks from the repair of Amber's pattern which sent shadow storms across all of shadow.

A great Roc, some call the Thunderbird has been seen in those storms. It is rumored that Julian and Gerard went to hunt it. Gerard returned with a tail worthy of myth that the birds talons were tornados and that he was swept up by it. Only a man like Gerard could claim to wrestle himself free of a tornado and yet that is the story he returned with. Julian returned years later with a short haired blond Valkyrie named Ellika whom he wed in Amber. He backed his brother's story and added the Thunderbird was to be left alone.

Another beast has been reported in shadow a great Hydra with different heads. This time Amber's mythology did include mention of such a creature. Over a couple thousand years ago. Finndo and Osric fought the beast and supposedly defeated it at great cost. The cards were cast as to why the beast had returned and they all came up the same, Merlin. That young royal though claims no knowledge of the creature or how he could possibly be connected to it.

Julian his Bride Ellika, and Gerard prepared to set off and face the beast.  Before they could leave Amber, a rather strange delegation and diplomat arrived in the form of a shadow of Princess Florimel. A woman by the name of Violet. As poised, well-spoken and lovely as the woman she was the reflection of she claimed to be representing several kingdoms that were allied heads of the Hydra. They had members who could walk in shadow as well and she even proffered a trump of herself to King Random. The trump backed by a Hydra with heads reared like serpents ready to strike.

The hunting expedition was cancelled, and diplomatic missions were instead planned. It seemed the war had changed many things.