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Welcome to [5e] [Solo] Marlock's Tower

05:44, 20th July 2024 (GMT+0)

[5e] [Solo] Marlock's Tower

Marlock is a peculiar old wizard who lives in a stone tower in South Wood. Or perhaps he did live there: for he has not been seen in the nearby village of Merrywater for many months. The wizard used to periodically come to the village to collect supplies, especially before the cold season. Now that spring has come and the wizard has not been seen since before the winter, tongues are beginning to wag that the wizard is no more.

“Perhaps he’s vanished himself with his own bag of tricks!”, say some.
“He’s probably just gone on a long journey”, say others.
“I’ll bet he’s finally met his maker!” say most.

And so too tongues have begun to wag of the wizard’s tower, perhaps empty and unguarded, and the valuable treasures that must lie therein! Yet none of the village folk have been yet brave enough to risk entering the tower, fearful that the mage has surely cast powerful spells to ward off any unwelcome guests.

By coincidence, or perhaps not so, it is at this time that our you arrive in Merrywater. Why have you come? Will you brave Marlock’s tower? What will you find there if you do?

Time will tell all.

Good luck adventurer!