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Hana Yeun

Name: Hana Yeun
Gender: Female
Age: 29
FBI Rank: Special Agent

Hana Yeun is a second generation Korean-American woman with an imposing presence despite her youth and slim 5'5" frame.  Her oval features are pale with high cheekbones and thick lashes on watchful brown eyes, all framed by straight black hair with cropped bangs.  She is attractive, if you don't mind the sparing makeup, the hard set to her jaw, and the weary look of a night owl.

Agent Yeun has the professional air of competent authority that makes a solid field agent, but also has a dry sense of humor.  When on duty she wears the regulation pantsuit, sometimes short-sleeved and sometimes trading the blazer for a leather jacket, but the suit and tie are always black, the collared blouse is always white, and the shoes are either flats or sneakers.  You won't catch Hana dead in heels or the navy blue windbreaker with the bold yellow FBI logo.

As a consummate workaholic her life tends to revolve around her cases, leaving little time for a social life.  Hana has an insatiable drive to chase down answers with the fool's hope to make the world a safer place.  The dedication to getting at the truth at any cost often puts her at odds with superiors when the truth is not convenient to the agency.

Hana enjoys Camel Lights, mocha lattes, K-Pop, mint chip ice cream, and corny Korean dramas.  She idolizes the character of Horatio Caine from the hit tv series CSI: Miami, and she carries a pair of aviator sunglasses in hopes to nail a perfect one-liner.  It hasn't happened yet.