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Jaye Stone

Jayelin Stone ("Jaye," to friends and family) is 5'8", sunny blonde and baby blue, built on a tall, slender frame that moves with elegance and precision but not much actual muscle tone.  She's 29 years old but projects a classical wholesome girl-next-door babyface vibe that looks far younger than her actual years (she still usually gets carded at bars) and makes it easy for many of her colleagues in the male-dominated law enforcement field to marginalize or patronize her, often without even realizing they're doing it.  In professional settings she tends to overcompensate for this by cultivating a very formal, detached demeanor, doing her best to present herself with an air of cool, calm, confident competence, someone who follows the rules and plays things by the book and succeeds at her job by being dedicated and meticulous and just ferociously smart.  And she dresses the part, too: at the office or in the field, she's generally attired in a sharp, elegantly tailored suit in any of an array of very "professional" colors, always over a pristine black turtleneck, and always with sensible comfortable expensive shoes.  She obviously prefers to keep her work life and private life neatly compartmentalized from each other; she doesn't volunteer much about her history or family or interests outside the office - but to those with an ear for accents, there's a faint lingering trace of New Jersey in her vowels that she can't quite seem to completely exorcise.