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RPoL Public Forums Rules

Welcome to RPoL!

In order to maintain the boards and be able to provide useful information to our site users, we must enforce certain standards in the public areas of the site.  Please understand that this site is owned and operated by RPoL: It is a privately run board, and all rules are enforced at our discretion.  Users who do not follow these guidelines may find their access to a forum, or to all of RPoL, revoked -- possibly permanently.
  1. Stay on topic.  When replying to a thread, make sure to stay on the topic of the thread you're posting to.  All of our forums are designated for specific uses so it's good to make sure you are in the right place when posting.  Always be sure to read a forum's posted rules before using it.
  2. Be constructive.  If someone is asking for help, only reply to them if you actually can provide help.  If making or replying to suggestions and requests, try to make criticisms constructively and offer alternatives.
  3. Only quote relevant text.  Quotes are useful for reminding others of context but should always be edited down so that entire posts are not reproduced within the same thread.
  4. Respect the Moderators and Admin.  The Admin and Moderators spend their spare time to assist and improve RPoL and deserve no less than simple respect for their efforts in keeping RPoL running.
  5. Be civil.  Users are welcome to engage in challenging and spirited debate with other users but rudeness, name-calling, disrespect, and personal insults will not be tolerated, whether from an instigator or from anyone who feels they must respond to instigation.
  6. Mention individual games only where appropriate.  Individual games may only be directly referred to, linked to, or mentioned in the appropriate advertising forums, and then only in keeping with the rules of those forums.  The advertising forums are Wanted - Players, Wanted - GMs, Game Proposals, Input, & Advice, and Offsite Gaming
  7. Do not flame.  Inflammatory comments are not appropriate to our public boards.
  8. Do not troll.  Trolling is posting in order to provoke others (to lure them to flame or rant) or simply to produce a lot of responses.
  9. Do not spam or cross-post.  Spamming is posting the same thing several times, or posting without any real content.  Cross-posting is posting the same content in more than one forum.
  10. Do not argue.  Taking a personal conflict to the public forums is not allowed.  Those who are not involved should not have to see it.
  11. Do not use profanity.  Please do not use foul language and profanity in your posts -- and this includes trying to mask such language by substituting letters or symbols.  On RPoL, a tradition of substituting fruits and pastries for choice words has developed, and this is permitted within reason.
  12. Do not redistribute copyrighted material.  Links should not be provided anywhere on RPoL to illegal copies of protected materials.

Moderation is never a topic for public forums.  If you have any questions or feedback on moderation it should be addressed to the Admin and Site Moderators via rMail only.
  1. Do not take moderation into your own hands.  Always wait for a moderator to deal with a problem post or, if we have not seen the post for at least 24 hours, rMail us about it.
  2. Do not post questioning moderation. Posts of this nature will be removed: as above, use rMail to contact site moderators with any questions or concerns about moderation.
  3. If a thread is closed or a post removed do not re-post the same material.  Closures and removals are done for a reason.

If you have any questions as to why a thread was closed or a post removed please contact the Moderators in rMail.  There is a to/CC Moderators checkbox on the rMail addressing page which makes sending an rMail to the Site Moderators very easy.

Last updated: 13:58, Wed 12 Oct 2011.
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