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Player's FAQ

Finding a game...
+ Do I browse the games?
On the lower part of the screen, below the "Support RPoL" area, there's a link which reads, "Browse the Games".  Clicking that will open a search box.  Fill in a GM name or a Game Name if you have one (if not, just leave these two areas blank), then check the boxes for the categories you're interested in.

Be sure to check only three boxes (or fewer) per search since no game can be placed into more than three categories.

If you see a game you want to take a closer look at, click on its name.  The screen will change and you will see a list of threads in that game.  Just choose one to browse and click on it to view it.  Note that the oldest ones are generally at the bottom of the list while the newer ones are nearer the top.  usually a Game Master (GM) will set up a series of "Notice" threads too to let visitors know what the game is about and what they need to know in order to join.

You might also have good luck by browsing through the Wanted - Players forum.  There, GMs who are currently recruiting for games can place ads letting everyone know what they're looking for and how others can join their games.  You can find Wanted - Players in the "RPoL Forums" category, and it's usually on your Sticky List by default.

+ Are there other ways there to find games?
Yes!  RPoL has a number of forums set up to help players and Game Masters (GMs) find each other.

First, try the Game Proposals, Input, and Advice forum, where those who wish to run games can submit ideas to see if others are interested.  If that fails, you can create a thread in the Wanted - GMs forum: there you can post about the type of game(s) you're looking for, and others can invite you to games they run, or even start games based on your needs.

Joining a game...
+ I've found a game I like.  Now, how do I get in?
Go to the Game Menu of the game you want to join.  There, at the upper right-hand corner of the screen, should be a link which reads "Request Access".  Clicking this link will open a message that, when you post it, will be sent to the game's owner (also called the Game Master, or GM).

Many games post threads about the information you need to supply in your Request Access (which is also called a "Request to Join" or an "RTJ"), so it's a good idea to look over the game and see what sort of stuff the GM wants to know in your application.

+ The GM said "no".
That's too bad, but, sorry, the game is ruled by the GM and they have full control over who gets to play their games.  If you're desperate to play, try giving them a character concept they can't say no to!

+ The GM said "yes"!
Yay!  If you gave enough information to the GM you'll likely be added in as a player, otherwise you can continue to use the Private Message base to work up  your character to the point the GM will add you to the game.

+ How do I know when my character is ready?
The GM should let you know.  Also, when you visit the game there will be a change so that it shows your character name instead of your RPoL Account Name at the top, left-hand side, under the RPoL logo, and the link to the right of your name should be "Character Details" instead of "User Preferences".

In the game...
+ Now what?
Before you post in the game it might be a good idea to use the "Character Details" link to edit your character's description and biography, and to choose a portrait.  Once you've gotten the all-clear to post from the GM, go for it.

+ What are these group things?
The GM can assign players to groups.  Groups are a way of dividing characters up.  This can be done due to the characters being in different squads, different timelines, different rooms, and so on -- anything that would stop the characters communicating with one another.

+ Can I have more than one character?
The system is set up to allow each player to have multiple characters.  Within each game, however, it's up to the GM to decide how many characters a player can have.

+ How do I post as different characters?
When you have multiple characters and you post a reply to a thread, the system will try to figure out which characters can reply.  If you have more than one character who can post to the thread, you'll see a drop-down list at the top of the "Submit a Message" form.  Use that to choose the character you want to post as.

+ I posted as the wrong character!
Quick!  Edit the message!  You'll be able to change the posting character from the edit screen.  If that fails, delete the message and try again.

+ I can't send a Private Message to this one character!
You normally can, unless you aren't in a group together.  If you and another character are in separate groups then you shouldn't (normally) be able to talk to each other.

+ My game says there is a new message, but when I don't see one!
If a post is made to a group you are not a member of, there will be no new messages for you in the game, though you still may see the New Message Indicator telling you that game has new messages.

RPoL only knows what groups you belong to once you go to the Game Menu, so you'll sometimes get these "false positives".  Leaving the Game Menu should remove the New Message Indicator for that game -- at least until someone else posts a new message.

+ How do I start a new thread in a game?
Only GMs can start new threads in games; players cannot.  If you think a new thread is needed for your character, it's best to discuss this with your GM.

+ How do I remove myself from a game?
As only GMs can add players to a game, only GMs can remove players from a game.  If you'd like to leave a game, be sure to tell the GM and ask them to remove you from it (otherwise it will keep popping up on your Sticky List).  If they do not respect your wishes within a reasonable time (at least 7 days), contact the Moderators about the issue by rMail with a link to the PM where you requested to be removed.

+ I don't want anyone else to use my character if I leave a game.
RPoL considers everything submitted to a game -- including character concepts -- to be part of that game to do with as the GM sees fit.  RPoL moderators will not remove characters from games, nor prohibit GMs from using characters that were submitted to their games regardless of whether the original player is still a member of the game.

Players who are very concerned that their character might see continued use if they leave a game should address that eventuality with the GM up front, before submitting a character concept; that is, if this is a concern to to a player then they should agree with the GM what happens if they quit before they submit a character.  (Note, however, this agreement is still between player and GM, and will not be enforced by RPoL Moderators.  That said, most GMs are the decent sort and if they know your conditions up front, they can at least let you know how that would work in their game.)

If that still leaves a player feeling unsatisfied with their control over their character concept, we advise that they refrain from using that character in any game they do not personally run.

+ Is that everything?
Well, hardly, but those are the most frequently asked things.  If you have more questions, please feel free to use the General RPoL forum to ask.

If your question is not a frequently asked question (FAQ) the answer may not be here. Try the Help link in the top right-corner of the screen.

If that still doesn't help, try checking the Background FAQ's answer for "Who do I contact for support?"

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