Reading Messages and Threads

Reading a thread is simple enough.  A thread is a grouping of messages related to the same topic, sorted chronologically (by date).  The newest 25 messages are initially shown, listed from oldest to newest for ease of reading.  Older messages (again in groups of 25) are available via the page links that are displayed, if needed, at the top and bottom of each page.

If you are logged in to RPoL and have permission to reply to the thread then there will be a link available at the bottom of the page to continue the discussion.

Moderators have a few control mechanisms available to them while viewing a thread to allow them to control some aspects.

Public Thread Functions
BumpUpdates the thread date to the current time and date
CloseStops any more players posting to the thread
ArchiveMakes the thread publically viewable with all private lines
DeleteRemoves the thread from the game
D/LDisplays a plain text version of the thread so you can copy, paste and save it

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