Background FAQ

What is RPoL?

RPoL stands for RolePlay onLine.  It is a message board-based site for role-playing games.

RPoL was specifically designed for the purpose of playing role-playing games (RPGs) in a play-by-post format, and has many features designed with RPGs and their players in mind.

How and why was RPoL created?

Several years ago, RPoL's creator, jase, played RPGs on a Bulletin Board System (a BBS).  When that BBS closed, his group needed somewhere else to play and after looking at the available options, jase decided he could do better.

So he did, and thus RPoL was born.

What are some of RPoL's features?

RPoL has a great list of features available to users:

So who writes the code and administers the site and all that?


jase is the Benevolent Dictator and President for Life of RPoL.  In his spare time he runs a consulting firm.

He also has the assistance of several Winged Monkeys who work as site moderators.  Currently, they are bigbadron, cruinne, elSpike, Ironsite, Jhael, Shannara, and Skald.

Who do I contact for support?

There are a few places users can look to find help with their RPoL problems:

  1. Try taking a look through the FAQs (these things you're reading now!).

  2. Try the Help link at the top right of any screen.  That link will pop up a window with instructions specifically for the screen you're currently on (yep, it's context sensitive!).

  3. Try asking your question using the Beginners or the General Forum.  A lot of our users are really helpful and know the ropes very well.

  4. Use rMail (the link at the upper right of the Main Menu) to contact the site moderators.  Be sure to give them a couple of days to respond -- all site moderators are volunteers doing this in their spare time.

  5. Lastly, if all else fails and you have tried everything above, you can email the Administrator.  Give him several days to a couple of weeks to reply, as he's a very busy guy.

Can I use the RPoL Logos to link back to RPoL from my site?

Sure, and there are a couple of images about half way down the Links page which are suggested.  And thanks!

Okay, I got this far.  Now what?

While you're here, take a spin around the other FAQ files.  They're really very helpful!

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