Help on Game Types on Offer

The Main Menu of RPoL displays an area called "Games Types on Offer".  People often refer to these as game categories, or game genres.

Clicking on any game type will show a brief description of that game type, and a list of all games currently in that category.

Note that games and forums do not display both in a user's Sticky List and in the "Game Types on Offer" area -- any board is only displayed in one area.

In looking at a Game or Forum listing on the Main Menu, there several pieces of information available:

In looking at listings of available games, those marked with an asterisk (*) will be those which are searching for players.  Additionally, games may be marked with an M or an A, signalling that their content is for Mature players, or Adult players only.  For more information on our content policies, see the documents on our Mature Games Policy or our Adult Games Policy, respectively.

Last updated: 14:20, Mon 23 Apr 2007.
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