Creating a Game

A registered, verified RPoL user can, by default, create five games without any need for requesting permission.  Creating a game is very quick and merely requires a Game Name (naturally enough), a Classification, and the GM Alias you (the GM) will be known as within the game.  You'll also be prompted for the Biography lines for your GM persona, but these are optional.

The number of games a person can GM does vary, and will (as a general rule of thumb) increase over time.  Creating a brand new game will reduce your limit by one, so be aware what you will not be able to produce a flood of new games all at once unless you have already established a presence on RPoL.

Once a game has been created, you will be taken to the appropriate page, so you can begin sculpting your masterpiece.

To begin, simply click the "Start your own game" link on the Main Menu.

The RPoL Game Creator

The RPoL Game Creator has settings for the following five areas:

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