Game Groups

Each game has thirty-three groups available to it.

Public All RPoL users can read Group Public, whether a member of the game or not.  Only GMs can reply to public threads.
0 All visitors to the game can read Group 0, and it is the default group for posts.  Players whose characters have been removed from Group 0 will not be able to read this group unless they log out of RPoL.
1-9, A-U These groups are private within the game.  Only characters who are in these Groups may read or post to these groups.
Z Group Z is a special Group.  Only GMs may post to this group, and characters in the game may not belong to any other group if they are in Group Z; while in Group Z, they will be able to read it, but not to post to it.  Lurkers cannot be placed in Group Z.

All GMs can always read all posts in all groups, and can reply to them unless the thread is closed.

While characters may belong to multiple Groups, threads must be assigned to only one Group.  To assign a thread to a group, use the "to group:" drop-down list at the bottom of the Message area while composing the thread's first post; to later change a thread's Group, either edit the thread's first post, or open the thread and use the "Edit Thread" menu.

GMs also have the ability to archive threads in their game.  When a thread is archived, all users of RPoL can read it, and all Private Lines within that thread become public text.  Archives are closed and may not be replied to.

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