rMail is user-to-user private messaging that is independent of games.  Only registered Users may send and receive rMail.

Enabling/Disabling rMail

Users can choose to disable rMail if they do not wish to receive it.  To do so, use the "User Preferences" link and under "Option", switch the "rMail enabled" setting to "Off".  This will prevent the user from either sending or receiving rMail.  To re-enable rMail, switch the setting back to "On".  Be sure to click the "Update Details" button to set any changes.

Even with rMail disabled, however, Users may still receive rMail from site Moderators, as these cannot be blocked.

Compose a new rMail

The "Compose a new rMail" link will take a registered user to the address dialog for the rMail system.  Here they may enter the Account Names of recipients, one per address box, and choose whether to CC (carbon copy) the message to RPoL Moderators and/or the site Administrator.

Using the "Update & Check" button will check the recipients to ensure they're valid; using the "Compose" button will take the User to the composition screen.

There, the Subject line is for entering the rMail's topic, and the Message area is for the body of the message.  Choosing "Preview" will allow the user to see what their message looks like before it is sent, while choosing "Send rMail" will send it as-is.

RuBB code may be used within messages, and several links are available for this at the bottom of the Message area.  For more information on RuBB code, see that document.

Post a Reply

This link (at the bottom right of any rMail thread) allows the user to reply to the rMail.

rMail Menu

This link will take the user back to the listing of their rMail.

Delete this rMail

This will delete the rMail from the user's rMail menu.  They will not be able to access it again.


This link appears on a user's own rMails, allowing them to edit them.


When using the "report/block" link on a message, the user will be taken to a confirmation screen.  If they supply a reason they are blocking the sender, and then click the "Confirm" button, the following will happen:
  1. The reported/blocked user is blocked from sending the User rMail ever again.
  2. The User is blocked from sending the Blocked User rMail ever again.
  3. The Blocked User's "abuse count" is incremented by one.
  4. The Blocked User is notified that the User has reported them.  (This reveals the blocker's RPoL Account Name.)
  5. The rMail is copied to site Moderators, who will investigate the issue.
  6. If the abuse report is found to be false, the original penalty is reversed, but the reporter's abuse counter will be incremented by two.

Only report/block those who are actually abusing the system, and never do it lightly.  That said, we strongly recommend that people do report unsolicited adverts and unwarranted abusive content.  rMail is largely policed by the users, and proactive management of inappropriate use of rMail will reduce the occurrence of unwanted rMail for yourself and all other users.

Do note that RPoL Moderators and the Site Administrator cannot be blocked from sending you rMail.

Last updated: 13:11, Fri 04 May 2007.
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