Joining RPoL

Signing up for RPoL is a simple process, and it's hassle free!

The Sign-Up Process

To play on RolePlay onLine everyone needs a unique Account Name and Password to identify them to the system.

Naturally enough this involves a sign-up process, and to do this a verification is emailed to the new user's email address.  The registered email address is only ever used for sending the verification email, for retrieval of passwords, and for site administration purposes.  Rest assured, email addresses are never given out to third parties.

There is more information on signing up to be found in our FAQs section, in the Beginner's FAQ.

Logging in, and Account Names

Once you have an Account Name and Password, you can then log on to RPoL.  Your Account Name is your unique identifier on the site, and should be a name you're comfortable using in public places.

Our enrollment process is also a way of making sure that each person has only has one Account Name for the site.  This is one way we have of policing RPoL and banning troublemakers.

Is my Account Name shown in games?

One you're logged in, you can enter games and Request Access to them.  If accepted by the game's GM, they can then assign you a character name which will be your name in that particular game.  GMs will be able to see your Account Name, but other players in the game will not.

When running a game, the main GM's Account Name is displayed on the Main Menu as the owner of the game.

And finally, when you post in public forums, your posts will show up under your RPoL Account Name.

Anything else I should know?

There are a couple things to be aware of when signing up for an RPoL account.

First, use a valid email address.  If you enter a fake email address, you will not be able to verify your account, and then will not be able to use it.

Second, only sign up for one account.  We never permit users to have more than one account for any reason.  If you have an old account and there is some problem with accessing or using it, contact the Moderators or site Admin rather than making a new account.

Where can I find more information?

For more information, please see the other Help files on the left or check out our FAQs area.

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