User-Run Forums on RPoL

All registered RPoL Users may create Discussion Forums which do not require a Request Access to join, and to which any registered user of RPoL may post.

Creating a Discussion Forum

The RPoL Game Creator has settings for the following five areas:

Moderating a Discussion Forum

The creator of a Forum becomes its Owner, and can assign others to assist them with running the forum using the "Mods Menu" to "Manage Forum Access" and "Add a Moderator".  Moderators can edit and remove posts and can ban Users from the forum.  They cannot edit posts by the Owner, change the Forum Owner, or ban the Forum Owner.

Note that it is expected that all Forums created by users on RPoL be moderated, and that all abide by our content guidelines and Terms of Use.  The Forum Owner is ultimately responsible for this, and must be diligent in their moderation duties within their Forum.

The Mods Menu

Forums are managed through the Mods Menu, available to the Game Owner and the Moderators of the forum.  There, those with proper access will see a section on the forum information, and several links to assist them:

LinkNotes on Usage
Manage Forum Access Here the Game Owner can create new Forum Moderators using the "Add a Moderator" function (or remove one).  The Owner and Moderators can also use this area to ban users from the Forum (using the "Ban a User" button), or remove a user ban by choosing the user from the list and removing their ban.  Banning a user will not stop them reading the Forum, only from posting to it.
Activate Players DB This function will change the Forum to a Game, where users must Request Access and be added in order to post.
Edit forum details Here the Forum Owner can change various Forum details such as the Forum Name, the Forum Owner (any other Moderator can be made into the Forum Owner), and whether Bump Control is on or off.  Setting bump control "on" will mean that no matter how many replies a thread receives, it will only be "Bumped" to the top of the forum at most once per week.
Remove unwanted threads This allows the Owner or Moderators to prune unwanted threads from the forum.
Delete this forum Using this link, the Owner can delete the forum.  Note that it is customary on RPoL to give at least one week's notice to a board's participants before deleting it.

Participating in a Discussion Forum

Discussion Forums are run by their Owner and Moderators.  They may have rules posted, so it's a good idea to read these rules before posting in them.  The Moderators and Owners of Discussion Forums are analogous to a GM in a game: they have the sole say over who may user their forum and how discussions there will take place, and they have the power to ban those who become undesirable participants.  RPoL Site Moderators will not interfere in these decisions, so if you are banned from a discussion forum you must deal with it by contacting the Forum Mods/Owner and working it out with them.  They are under no obligation to allow anyone to access their forum who has caused trouble for them.

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