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22:16, 20th April 2024 (GMT+0)

E-mailing the Admin

Due to the sheer number of queries and the fact that the admin of this site does try to lead a life, general 'How do I' queries probably won't be replied to.

The Beginners and General RPoL forums are really good places to ask such questions.  And you'll probably get a more detailed response, sooner.

This site really is just one big (complicated) message board, so unless you can't login or post a message, there's nothing stopping you from posting in one of the above forums.

Additionally, rMail allows you to contact the admin faster.  You don't have to compete
with junk mail or fight to get past spam filters if you do, and it's checked more often.

Portraits are not sent to the admin, but to
I'd also suggest you read the portraits FAQ!

Lost your password or forgotten your account name?  Use the Login assistance link on the login screen!

Lastly, the admin lives in Perth, Western Australia, which is +8 GMT.

Now, if you've read, understood and agreed to all that, you can (finally!)

Please, if you're asking for help, remember to tell me your account name!