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05:56, Fri 12 June: Psychephage rolled 9 using 2d6+1.  Unleashing Power.

08:58, Thu 11 June: Kick rolled 7 using 2d6-1.  Directly engage a threat.

01:36, Thu 11 June: Ripple rolled 5 using 2d6.  Engage threat (Danger).

22:33, Wed 10 June: Vanguard rolled 10 using 2d6 with rolls of 4,6.  Assess (looking for Cyclone).

08:34, Tue 09 June: Kick rolled 10 using 2d6+2.  Assess the situation.

00:46, Tue 09 June: Psychephage rolled 11 using 2d6+2.  Defend NPC rescuers.

22:03, Mon 08 June: Vanguard rolled 6 using 2d6+3 with rolls of 2,1.  Defend Karma.

12:58, Sun 07 June: Karma rolled 2 using 2d6-1.  Ugh Savior.

08:37, Sun 07 June: Kick rolled 8 using 1d6+2.  Been hitting the books.

08:08, Sun 07 June: Vanguard rolled 6 using 2d6+2.

05:38, Sun 07 June: Editor-In -Chief rolled 8 using 2d6.  Test.

23:28, Sat 06 June: Ripple rolled 8 using 2d6.  Assess the Situation (Superior).

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