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Mon 4 Dec 2017
at 14:59
Looking for a game with downtime.
Hey there! I've always had a lot of trouble with the fact that most adventures and stories don't give very much, if any, downtime. I'd love to play a game that allows me to actually take the in-game time needed to do something wondrous! Building up a manse or some sorcerous workings in Exalted, a base in Star Wars, or heck...even just some crafting and such in a basic fantasy game. I've never gotten a chance to do any of this because it seems like the PCs are always rushing just to put out the next fire. Anybody willing to do a game like this? Solo, duo, party, whatever. Doesn't matter to me, but I'd love to get a chance to play with some of the things you can do over a long term campaign(that hopefully doesn't immediately fall apart). Please message me if you're interested!
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Tue 5 Dec 2017
at 14:40
Looking for a game with downtime.
Hi Xiphoniii,
Iím not sure exactly what you want, and Iím not able to start up a new game for you, but it may be that something Iím already running may be of interest to you.

Iím running a rather unusual zombie game at present. Most zombie games are little more than shoot-em-ups, but ours is one where we have to think about rebuilding civilization, one step at a time. Sure, we go out on raids into the zombie infested cities to forage for supplies, but then we bring those supplies back and make use of them, build up our defences, create stockpiles, and actually, dare I say it, enter into conversation with one another.

So probably more down time than shooting time - if youíre into zombies.
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