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Master Thread List
Please note, some of these threads may not be group visible to you.

OOC Threads and Notices

Announcements (OOC) - to inform players about roster changes, new or altered rules, GM hiatuses, etc.

Prospective players
Request to Join + Character Sheet - details what information you must submit to join.

Important game information
Academy Roster - The current cast of Professors, Students and important NPCs. Also includes App and XP lists.
Character Backgrounds and Stories - publicly known info about PCs and NPCs.
Master Thread List - this post!
Player Absences - let us know here if you will be away and can't post for a while.
Rules for Play - shows rules/info you are expected to know and follow as Academy players.

IC Threads and Notices

Announcements (IC) - Displays current time and important Academy news.
Course Catalog - Golden Barque 3516 - Class descriptions for the current season.
Enrollment and Schedule - Golden Barque 3516 - Class rosters and scheduling for the current season.

Professor's Classrooms
Academy Grounds - Kyrios' Training Field
Professor Fox of the Mirage Halls' Classroom
Professor Leland Kaspar's Classroom
Professor Mitsumi's Classroom
Professor Serene Orchid's Classroom
Professor Sophia's Classroom
Professor Thalia's Classroom
Professor Thousand Mirrors' Classroom
Sifu Merciful Fist's Classroom
Headmaster Ishmerai's classroom is the Blackbird Orrery: link to a message in this game
Professor Ilan Orren's classroom is the Training Arena: link to a message in this game
Professor Naamah Milk-and-Honey's classroom is the Ziggurat of the Sun: link to a message in this game

Professor's Offices
Professor Kyrios' Office

Intermediate Student Residences (Anthegenian Manse 1-2)
Auspicious Onyx's Manse - The Somber Labyrinth of Wisdom
Idiori's Residence - The Silent Spire
Lehanih's Residence - The Aerie of Calm Recollections
Risho Ennilon's Residence
Wave's Residence - The Procession of Gentle Waterfalls
(All other intermediate students live in the Intermediate Apartments)

Advanced Student Residences (Anthegenian Manse 3)
Clear-Sighted Crow's Residence
Evident Truth's Residence - The Villa of Unending Peace
Keo's Residence - The Evergreen Pillar of Harmonious Designs
Mattel Vigilio's Residence

Professor's Residences (Anthegenian Manse 3+)
Thalia and Alyseis' Residence - The Garden Retreat
Naamah Milk-and-Honey's Residence

Administrative Building
Academy Administration - Headmaster's Office
Academy Administration - Professors' Boardroom - Professors only!
Academy Administration - Office of the Registrar

Important Academy Locations
Academy Grounds - The Main Gate - The main entrance into the Academy grounds.
Academy Grounds - Grand Courtyard - In front of the Administrative Building, a place to meet up with students toward other destinations.
Academy Grounds - Basic Student Dormitories - Students of basic level live here.
Academy Grounds - Intermediate Student Apartments - Students of intermediate level can live here if they do not occupy an Anthegenian manse.
Academy Grounds - Department of Student Services - Provides for student conveniences, personal counseling, social events.
Academy Grounds - Student Dining Hall - Where students (and faculty, if they wish) can go to eat on campus.
Academy Grounds - Student Shopping Center - Buy stuff here (up to Wealth 3, and more rarely, Wealth 4+ available).
Academy Grounds - Training Arena - A facility for controlled sparring (bashing weapons only, no Essence unless Professor is present).
Academy Grounds - Blackbird Orrery - The Academy's observatory, sometimes classroom.
Academy Grounds - Caduceus Medical Center - The official, state-of-the-art hospital of the Academy.
Academy Grounds - Caduceus Medical Center, Doctor's Office - The office of Doctor Tachibana Akio, Chief of Staff.
Academy Grounds - Ouroboros Library - Access to restricted/forbidden texts through the Ouroboros AI, for Exalted study and research.
Academy Grounds - Garden of Tranquility - Quiet, meditative 'natural' environment, for alone or couple time.
Academy Grounds - Ziggurat of the Sun - A temple to the Unconquered Sun.

Locations Outside the Academy
Anthegenian Fleet - The Invierna - Interior of Lord-Captain Anansi's artifact light battleship.
City of Anthegenia - Central Airport - The main port of entry for those entering Anthegenia for the first time.
City of Anthegenia - Defense Force Headquarters - Home of Anthegenia's military forces.
City of Anthegenia - Intelligence and Security - Home of Anthegenia's police force, security agencies and secret service.
City of Anthegenia - Gladiolus Tower Complex - Apartments and auxiliary offices for the ADF and AIS.
City of Anthegenia - Street of Flowers and Firmament - Anthegenia's Main Street, with an outdoor market during the day!
City of Anthegenia - The 25th Hour - A respectable restaurant and bar where ADF officers hang often.
City of Anthegenia - The Snow Owl - Northern cuisine, more upscale and intimate than a tavern setting.
City of Anthegenia - Shrine of Jupiter - One of five shrines of the Maidens, this one dedicated to the Maiden of Secrets.
City of Anthegenia - Bath of Silvered Midnight - A discreet locale, open only after dusk.
City of Anthegenia - Temple of the Watcher - One of five temples of Luna, this one devoted to the Waning Moon aspect.
The Undercity - Octagonal Court - The central hub of the Undercity, just beneath the Central Airport.
The Undercity - Bittern's Roost - A tavern just off the Octagonal Court, frequented by airship captains.
The Undercity - Diviners' Quarters - A conclave of largely non-Exalted diviners of humble means and methods.
The Undercity - Tunnels of Perdition - A starting point for Undercity exploration.

Locations Outside Anthegenia
Far Outside Anthegenia - The Edges of Creation

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New Thread Requests
If you want a specific thread created, send a PM to the GMs, so that we have a record of who asked for it, the desired thread name and what it is for.

Group 0 is a public group almost solely for info useful to those wishing to RTJ.
Group 1 is Academy Grounds / Classrooms / City of Anthegenia / Academy Announcements.
Group 2 is Intermediate Student residences.
Group 3 is Advanced Student and Professor residences.
Group 4 is Academy Administration (student accessible areas).
Group 5 is Palace of the Founders (accessible by invitation).
Groups 6-9, B-C are private groups.
Professor-private threads will be created in Group A.
Mod-private threads will be created in Group D.
Group E will largely be used for GM only threads.

One may request a private thread, however, since there are a limited number of groups there must be a good reason provided for the privacy. It may be easier to just assume people will not metagame and barge into/assume knowledge of a thread.

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