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Wed 2 Jul 2008
at 16:41
Version 1.6.50
  • Converted the stickylist script to PHP.
  • Added automatic scrollbar to stickylist when it's needed.
  • Blocked a small plethora of disposable email services.  Whilst these are great services they are just too prone to misuse.
  • Fixed rMail link on the main menu not being red when there is new rMail.
  • Removed more ways for GMs to (incorrectly) give a standard player a character labelled as a GM.
  • Fixed incorrect game information being displayed from game searches.
  • Using the [quote] or [reply] links in a private thread no longer loses the recipients.
  • Added some basic email and password guidance to the signup page.
  • Prettied up internal links to game (still not as nice as before, but it's the best we can do).
  • Fixed a security flaw which would allow a user to post to the wrong group.
  • Fixed a coding bug that would allow a user to post to a forum they were banned in (by manipulating the URL).
  • Added the FrameWerk system to the dice roller.
  • Added the Full Light, Full Steam system to the dice roller.
  • Fixed, added and enhanced some site moderation routines.
  • Fixed terms of use link on the login screen.

Please post any problems with the new version to the thread in General RPol or via rMail.