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 member, 1 post
Thu 20 Sep 2018
at 13:47
Gurps Combat Club
This is a game based on number of short, quick, unrelated combat scenarios in Gurps. When a scenario's goals are accomplished, it will be over and characters will not typically be carried over from game to game.

GURPS stands for Generic Universal Role Playing System. Its a versatile system that handles many genres and situations, and its known for its ability to "feel real".

If you've ever wanted to learn GURPS, or even wondered what play looks like, this is a great format to do so.

Scenarios will be freely suggested by players and the GM alike, and popping in and out of scenarios will work well.

I hope to see you over there!

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 member, 3 posts
Mon 4 Feb 2019
at 16:02
Gurps Combat Club
We've played out a number of scenarios, but we are still welcoming in new players. If you want to know how GURPS plays, or you are looking for a short play by post scenario, come join us!
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