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The Dice Roller

The dice roller allows the player to roll their own dice for things like stats, saving throws, attacks, and so on.  All rolls are logged and publicly viewable by default, however a "secret" tick box is available for private rolls that only the player and the GM will be able to see.

Some options are available to GMs of the game only.

Select Here choose number and size of the dice to roll, plus any modifier (the modifier is on the total, not per die).
Manual This is a freeform entry.  Use the format, <#_rolls>d<die_sides>(±modifier).  Examples include 1d3 which would roll a three-sided die once, or 2d30-4, which would roll two thirty-sided die dice, then subtract four from the result.  Here, multiple dice may be included in the roll by separating them with a comma: 1d4,1d6 would roll one four-sided and one six-sided die and display the results individually.  Again, any modifiers are added to the end result and not per die.

Then you can select one or more of the following options:
Drop Lowest This will cause the results to drop (or ignore) the lowest die rolled.  Note that Keep Lowest, Drop Highest, and Keep Highest work similarly.  If a number is entered into the right of this, it will drop/keep that number of dice. (6d6 Keep Highest 3 will roll six six-sided dice, but only count the three highest results.)
Reroll Max If "Reroll Max" is chosen, and the maximum number possible for a die is rolled, that die will be thrown again and the result added to the max number.
Reroll 1's If this is chosen and a 1 is rolled on a die, that die is re-rolled.
Record each die This option will display the individual die rolls in the Dice Log, up to a maximum of twenty dice.
Unique die This setting ensures that the same number is not rolled twice in the same set of dice rolls.
Game System/Special Dice If a game is selected here, the roll will conform to that system.  Brief notes are provided when a game type is selected.

Finally, it's possible to select any of these:
Character If you've got more than one character you can change who you're rolling for here.
On Behalf of GMs may choose to roll on behalf of a player's character here.
Fudge (rig) the rolls (GMs only) This option allows the GM to rig the outcome of a roll.  To use this function, enter the desired results (per die, without modifiers) here.  For example, if the GM is rolling 1d20+2, and wants the result to be 16, they would enter "14" here.  If they were rolling 3d8 and wanted a result of at least 8, they could enter a "6" here (the results would indicate one die had rolled a 6, and the other two dice would be rolled normally and added to this).  While GMs will be able to tell the roll was fudged, players will not see the "Fudged" indicator in the log.
Reason for roll Here a note can be indicated as to the purpose of the roll.  This note will be displayed in the Dice Log.
Secret roll This option makes the roll a private roll, visible only to the GM and the player it was made for.

Creating Links to the Dice Roller

RuBB code uses a basic structure with attributes that can be set for the various dice roller options.  The links will lead to the die roller, with it set up for the user according to the link's specifications, but the user will still need click the "Roll the Dice" button once they're there.

The basic format is:  [dice=<dice>]

In this case, the dice are referred to in standard RPG format -- number of dice, then d, then the sides on the die.  So, 1d10 rolls one ten-sided die.  Multiple kinds of dice can be thrown by separating them with a comma, and penalties and bonuses can be indicated with the plus and minus signs.

Example: [dice=1d20,2d4]
(roll one twenty-sided die added to two four-sided dice)

Example: [dice=1d20+2]
(roll one twenty-sided die and add two to the result)

Other Options

Several other options are available to help flesh out the dice roller link.  Each goes within the square brackets, separated from the other options by a space.  (Below, replace the angle brackets and anything between them with the appropriate information.)

Last updated: 07:49, Sat 23 Nov 2013.
Direct link: http://rpol.net/help/?t=help&page=diceroller