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Help on RPoL Forums

Forums are the publicly available posting areas of RPoL, and are one of the few places where your Account Name will normally be visible.  The reason for this is that the forums are like a traditional message board, and are a place for the users of RPoL to talk to one another as themselves, not as characters.

Every registered and verified user can post in Public Forums (provided their accounts have not been restricted for misbehavior).

+ Official RPoL Public Forums

There are several official RPoL Forums.  These are all public, meaning that every registered user can post in them (unless they have been banned from the forum).  Most forums will have a Notice at the top where any important rules are posted -- be sure to read the notices as they'll assist you in getting the sort of response you want to your post.

Official Public Forums on RPoL are found under the category "RPoL Forums".  They are:

+ Other RPoL Forums

There are also some official RPoL Forums which may be read by users, but which have restricted posting access.  Usually these forums are for informational purposes.

These forums are found under the category "RPoL Forums":

Under the "Discussion" category you'll find a forum called Community Chat.  This is a place for users to relax and talk with one another about things which do not really go in the other forums.  Community Chat is a moderated forum, and good behavior is expected there.

+ Discussion Forums

In addition to official forums, there may be several Discussion Forums located in the Discussion category which are open to public posting.  These forums are not official, and may have their own rules, so it's a good idea to check them out before posting in them.

+ Using Portraits in Forums

While RPoL has Portraits available for use in games, we do not display these in forums where people post as themselves.  We consider the Portraits only appropriate to role-playing, and so they are only available inside games.

+ Posting a Message or a New Topic

When posting a Message, be sure that it is on topic for both the Forum it's being posted to and, if it is a reply, the Thread into which it is being posted.

Only registered and verified users can post messages.  To reply to a thread, use the "Post a Reply" link found at the thread's lower right.  To post a new thread or topic in a forum, use the "Post a New Topic" link at the forum menu's upper right side.

When posting a new thread, it's a good idea to make the subject of the thread descriptive of the thread topic.

+ The Wanted - Players Forum

The Wanted - Players forum is a special kind of forum where strict control is maintained to give everyone a fair chance to advertise their games.

Only the owner of a game can post an ad for it in Wanted - Players, though anyone can freely reply.  Only posts made after a week has passed from the original ad will update the thread.  This stops constant bumping, which stops other GMs from having an equal shot at having their ad on the forum's "front page".

GMs will find that they will only be able to create an advertisement for a game if:
  1. the game is flagged as requesting players (in the "Edit Game Details" area of the "GM Menu" in the game);
  2. the game has an introduction written for it (use "Edit Game Introduction" in the "GM Menu" of the game); and
  3. the game has one or more threads.

While replies are permitted in the forum only a post made more than one week (or multiple of one week) after the ad was made will bump the ad to the top of the forum and show its "New Message" Indicator.  This means ads can receive replies which are not indicated by the system to readers, so it's a good idea to check ads every now and again to see if there are replies which need to be answered.

+ Forums are Moderated

RPoL has a team of Moderators who work in their spare time to maintain order on the site and to keep forums on topic.  They have several powers at their disposal, ranging from editing or deleting posts, to removing threads and banning users from individual forums or the site at large.

Moderators generally do not edit or remove posts without leaving a message within the problem post for the original author.  If your post has been edited or removed, and you still have questions about it, contact the Moderators using rMail to discuss the issue.

By using RPoL, you are agreeing to our Terms of Use, which includes accepting moderation and agreeing to obey Moderator instructions.

+ Forum Bans

Forum bans are possible on RPoL.  The are generally used to reinforce a forum's rules when a user has been posting outside the allowed subjects for a forum.  If you've been banned from a forum, you will need to contact the site Moderators (using rMail) to have your privileges restored.

Moderators do not remove messages on site without providing a reason, so looking up your most recent posts and checking them is a good idea, and can often alleviate confusion.

Last updated: 16:44, Sat 21 Apr 2007.
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